Alba by Peter Kuravita


When Alba by Peter Kuruvita approached Untitled®, they were in need of a private functions kit that would reflect the elegant and prestigious nature of their Noosa restaurant. Our design team took on the challenge of creating a refined, yet informative document that would embody the existing brand while also showcasing the unique offerings of the venue.



Print Media

Alba Melb Cup Menus
Functions Kit 01

Inspired by the refined and aesthetic identity of Alba, our creative team crafted a compelling document that exudes sophistication in every detail. With clever use of the brand's colour palette and minimal yet striking icons, our executions aligned seamlessly with each other and with the client's vision.

Our final product was not only a stylish and informative functions kit, but also a versatile document that can be used in all required formats, from digital to print applications. With our help, Alba by Peter Kuruvita now boasts a chic and desirable brand experience that perfectly represents their exceptional restaurant and event venue.

Alba NYE Poster
Alba Melb Cup Menu
Wedding Kit
Functions Kit 02

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