Sum Yung Guys


Sum Yung Guys, the popular and dynamic restaurant in Noosa, partnered with Untitled® for their website development, social media management, and menu and functions kit design. The brand’s existing bold and playful tone of voice and imagery inspired us to create a consistent aesthetic across all platforms, with the goal of driving engagement and bookings.


SYG Functions Mockup
SYG Website Mockup

Untitled® developed a modern, interactive website that features stunning imagery of Sum Yung Guys’ mouth-watering dishes and a direct booking capability, allowing customers to snap up a highly sought after table. To keep the website current, ongoing photoshoots are conducted to ensure the content aligns with the ever-changing menu.

With 46.6K followers on Instagram alone, the brand's social media pages showcase the restaurant’s personality, enticing food and drink offerings, and fun atmosphere. We keep the content fresh and exciting by conducting regular photoshoots, creating a consistent and visually appealing feed that encourages followers to engage with the brand. Our team also designed the restaurant’s menus and functions kit, providing a consistent look and feel across all customer touchpoints.

SYG Functions Mockup
SYG Menu Mockup
SYG Socials Mockup