Moreton Bay Minutes Away


Untitled® had the pleasure of leading the development and execution of the region's destination brand and campaign, 'Moreton Bay, Minutes Away'. In close collaboration with local government and industry representatives, our team rolled out an extensive rebrand, advertising campaign, and destination website to promote this picturesque location.


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The campaign's hallmark piece was a search function showing picnic locations within a 50km radius from consumer homes, meeting COVID-19 lockdown laws. This innovative approach achieved large-scale recognition and news coverage upon launch, attracting over 15,000 consumers within just 24 hours. It was a testament to the success of the brand strategy, which aimed to showcase Moreton Bay as an accessible and desirable destination.

Our team ensured that every aspect of the campaign, from the branding to the website, was designed with the target audience in mind. By working closely with stakeholders and delivering a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints, we were able to create a campaign that resonated with consumers and showcased Moreton Bay as a must-visit destination.

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