Savour Queensland


Southern Queensland Country approached Untitled® to develop a comprehensive brand presence for their food and beverage trails, Savour. Our team began by conducting extensive research on the brand, its offerings, and the target audience. This informed the development of a cohesive branding strategy, with an emphasis on elegance, sophistication and community.


Savour Expo Name Board 2
Savour Collateral Mag

The brand strategy was then executed across a range of platforms, including the development of a new brand identity and logo, website, and print collateral. Our team developed a customised UX that allowed consumers to create their own Savour tasting trail, complete with a customised itinerary and map. This personalised approach added an extra level of engagement and ensured that users could fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Collateral such as event signage, brochures, flyers, uniforms and exhibition activation were also developed to promote the brand and enhance the overall experience. The end result was a successful brand presence that portrayed the narrative of a cultured, community-focused and authentic experience, ultimately attracting locals and visitors alike to the Savour food and beverage trails.

Savour Collateral Poster
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